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Xpanda Security Products for Storefront Protection

Xpanda, providing storefront protection solutions since 1995. We are the physical storefront security professionals, helping retailers, small and large, secure their stores across North America with our high quality powder coated tubular steel scissor style gates.

Our knowledgeable staff, works with you to select the physical security solutions best suited for your specific needs. With quick professional support you can count on.

Our range of products are also used to protect warehouse shipping doors to allow for ventilation and prevent accidental falls. Portable or Mobile units are used to segregate inventory or provide access control.

Our Clients trust us to providing experience, knowledge and quality products

Over 18 years experience in physical safety and asset protection

  • Modernized fold away tubular steel security.
  • Roll down shutters and grilles.
  • Top track mounted aluminum partitions.
  • Heavy Duty double diamond scissor style gates.
  • Stock powder coated finish, diamond gates. With color options available.
  • Quick delivery anywhere in North America.
  • Installation by skilled installation teams.

Storefront Products has completed over 16,000 installations across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Visible products are obvious crime deterrents, that keep your property and your merchandise secure.

A Solution for Every Business

Whether you are in the retail business, real estate, construction, material handling, property management or retail store management, we can meet the needs of your organization. We provide security gates, to secure windows and doors, hallways shipping doors and more to businesses and industries of all shapes and sizes.


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